On Friday the 30th of March, we had the virtual launch for Depth of Deception via Facebook.  People RSVP'd for their chance to win one of five (5) autographed copies of the e-book.   Yes, that's right personal *autographed* e-books of DEPTH OF DECEPTION.  See more in our FAQ.

All the names were put into a  bowl and my little daughter drew out five names.  We put a video of the draw on the Facebook event page for people to see the winners being drawn "live". Well, as "live" as it could be, given upload time. 

All five prize copies have been sent and I'm grateful for the enthusiasm thus far. 
The e-book is still available at the introductory rate of $0.99 click here to buy on the site of your choice.

Thanks to everyone for their support!
My novel DEPTH OF DECEPTION (A Titanic Murder Mystery) is being officially launched
early on March 30th! This e-book version's introductory rate is $0.99.
This Virtual Book Launch is not at any location but we wanted to let everyone know.  However, if you RSVP to this vi...rtual event, you'll be entered into a draw to WIN one of 5 copies of my book.  (Draw will take place at 7pm on the March 30th)
RSVP to the Facebook event:
But if you really can't wait...  it's actually already available at Amazon
  as well as at our distributor Smashwords:

It will be on more  sites in the near future.  You can check out our website
http://www.depthofdeception.com/ for details,  synopsis, book trailer, sample chapter and a
Bonus Feature page which includes a  special 'Extras' section that can only be accessed if one has
read the book and knows the password.

Thanks to everyone for their support!
Posted a new 1-minute trailer for Depth of Deception. 




A new 40-second teaser trailer has been posted on-line for DEPTH OF DECEPTION.


Today I'm working on the final edits of the manuscript before reformatting it for e-book publication.
The book trailer is on-line (and on our home page).

Though editing/reformatting is not the most exciting of tasks, this is the last phase before there is an actual book for people to read.
Here is a still taken from the set while we were filming the book trailer.  All those years of working in film & television (and my own short films) is coming in handy. 
After my daughter aged the newspaper story in coffee (see yesterday's post) we let it dry overnight.  Here is the final result of the aging process, ready to be filmed on Wednesday for the book trailer for 'Depth of Deception'. (NOTE: The sketch
Years ago, I used to work in the Art Department of various film and television productions.  One of my many jobs was creating prop newspapers and (sometimes) aging them for camera.

I stopped working those long hours after my daughter was born, and turned to writing (with some directing on the side).  Today my daughter wanted to assist me as I went back to my roots and recreated old newspapers for the 'book trailer' for DEPTH OF DECEPTION.

Here she is helping me age our prop (a Titanic newspaper headline) using coffee.
TITANIC Murder Mystery Launches on the Centennial Anniversary 
Read full release

See On-Line: http://prlog.org/11818529

Finished the redline edits tonight. Now I have to work on the historical notes for the end of the novel.