Like many of my fellow writers I often find myself in that situation where I sit in front of my flickering computer screen and nothing happens. I've set aside some time to devote to writing and at that crucial moment my mind is void of ideas. No amount of pacing or reading other writer's blogs help to combat my own writer's block. Not a single drop of an idea. So many times I've lamented that I'm unable to just turn the creativity on like a tap.

But now I have a different dilemma. I don't seem to have a problem coming up with creative story ideas... I suddenly have too many of them. A few weeks ago I blogged about working on one novel and getting stronger ideas for another novel. During this time, I wrote a spec script for Murdoch Mysteries, a TV series shooting here in Toronto, and while working on that I got an idea for a different spec script, which in turn evolved into an idea for a brand new TV series. So I start laying down the ground work on that but I still have the ideas for the novel(s) racing around in my head. Just to make me crazy a series idea that I had back in the 1990's comes back. The latter was deemed "too dark" for mainstream TV at the time. Since then "too dark" has become the norm and now we have the technology to easily do what I had wanted back them. Now I'm not sure if I want to pitch it as a TV series, a book series or a blog series.

So now, instead of wringing my brain out for a drop of an idea, a pipe has burst and the ideas are just gushing out all over the place and I'm desperately trying to stay afloat while trying to figure out which story to devote my time and attention to. And if that's not enough, I'm still trying to promote
Depth of Deception, which in itself is another full time job.

I'm not sure I'm going to get a lot of sympathy from many writers, and I know I have to focus on one at a time. I just hope that the other ideas don't evaporate in the meantime.
"I have been intentionally vague in this review so as not to spoil any surprises.That being said, it's a fun story with a good mystery..."
- Game Vortex review of 'Depth of Deception'

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I think anyone who has tried their hand at writing has experienced the Dreaded Writer's Block at one time or another.  It's frustrating and annoying. You want to be productive! You want to finish a chapter but at the end of day you didn't even make it through the first sentence on a new page.  You wish you could turn it on like a tap but not even a single idea drips out. And you really feel like the talent-well has dried up inside you.

There have been many other blogs and sites by other writers offering some practical advice to combat the dreaded writer's block. I think every writer is different. We all have our different styles and what works for one writer may not work for others. 
I wanted, instead, to share my recent bout with writer's block because the outcome was not what I expected. 

As I published my debut novel, Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery), I knew what the next novel was going to be. In fact there is a preview Prologue and first chapter of Bloody Mary Kelly at the end of Depth of  Deception.  I have already written the first 12 chapters and the conclusion. This may sound odd but it's a quirk of mine that I always write the last chapter first, then go back to the beginning and work towards that end. Thus, laying down the foreshadowing and plot-twists wherever needed is easier. 

Bloody Mary Kelly was going to be set in two time periods: present-day Toronto and Victorian London.  I had amassed a ton of research materials, including detailed maps of Victorian London, copies of Scotland Yard files, etc.  I was recently at the Bloody Words writer's conference in Toronto, where I not only spoke on a panel for Historical Research in mystery novels, but attended other panels by a police detective and a forensic psychologist who answered some questions I had for the new novel. Armed with all of this information I was ready to continue working on Bloody Mary Kelly

I sat in front of the computer. Read over my notes. Read over the outline. I knew what was supposed  come in the next chapter but I couldn't write it. Something didn't ring true. A major character that I was about to introduce didn't seem to work. Did I need to change their profession? Their gender? (I've done that before while writing a story.) Nothing seemed to work. I was really stuck. This major character would be need to be weaved throughout the story, so I couldn't jump ahead, or cut them out entirely. What to do?

This went on for more than a week, and I was getting frustrated. Not feeling well, I took a nap in the middle of the day, which is something I only do if I'm sick.  You know how they say if you're thinking of a problem as you drift to sleep, the answer will come to you? Well that's exactly what happened. I woke up and I had it.

Unfortunately, the answer wasn't for Bloody Mary Kelly at all. An idea that I had back-burnered five years ago, which didn't have a thought-out plot or conflict, (can't have story without either of those!)   suddenly made sense. I woke up from my nap with the plot in my mind. I sat up, reached for my iPhone and began surfing for some historical information right away, to make sure it was going to work within the time period.  Not only did it fit the timeline but I started to find other historical events that gave me the conflict that was missing from the original idea. Suddenly Ihad the ending of my novel! I went to my computer, wrote the conclusion and from there the opening of the story was clear in my mind. This new story lay itself out for me, needing to be told.

You can't turn it on like a tap, nor can you control it when it erupts like a geyser. I've decided to ride that inspirational wave and put Bloody Mary Kelly on the back burner (for now). Why argue with the creative flow? So I'm starting a different new novel which, ironically, opens with our protagonist suffering from writer's block.

Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery) listed as new release in this month's newsletter of International Thriller Writers newsletter:
My novel DEPTH OF DECEPTION (A Titanic Murder Mystery) is being officially launched
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This Virtual Book Launch is not at any location but we wanted to let everyone know.  However, if you RSVP to this vi...rtual event, you'll be entered into a draw to WIN one of 5 copies of my book.  (Draw will take place at 7pm on the March 30th)
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Thanks to everyone for their support!
Today I'm working on the final edits of the manuscript before reformatting it for e-book publication.
The book trailer is on-line (and on our home page).

Though editing/reformatting is not the most exciting of tasks, this is the last phase before there is an actual book for people to read.
Here is a still taken from the set while we were filming the book trailer.  All those years of working in film & television (and my own short films) is coming in handy.